Sefton School
603 Upper Sefton Road
PO Box 9
Sefton 7445

03 3129755


David Haythornthwaite    
Jane Fong (Deputy Principal)
Room 1
Nora Nixon
Room 2
Kirsty Raymer
Room 3
Rowena Higginson
Christine Foaese
Room 4
Lizzie Kirkby
Room 5
Jane Fong
Leanne Minton

Melanie Gold
Katie Cooper
Teacher Aide
Jane Sadler
Rae Davenport
Michelle Cane
Heidi Schaffer
Mel Mills

603 Upper Sefton Rd

Sefton School is a co-educational state school with a roll of around 110 pupils. The school has a low student turn over. The full socio-economic range is represented at the school with 90% of pupils of NZ European descent and the remaining 8% of Māori and Pacific Islands background. We recognize our commitment to the treaty of Waitangi by ensuring that every pupil is enriched by an environment which values and reflects New Zealand’s bicultural heritage. The school is set in a very pleasant environment with a large grass playing area and many well established shade trees. Part of this area has been developed as an outdoor classroom. We have 6 full time classrooms and a separate administration, library block and community swimming pool. As a school we embrace the use of technology as an education tool. Sefton is a small rural community 10kms from Rangiora and 30kms from Christchurch. The village is served by a school, garage, hotel, and community hall. During the past 15-20 years farm sizes have reduced and life style block subdivisions have led to a roll growth and the implementation of a “school zone”. Parent’s occupations vary, with some commuting to Christchurch, but there is a strong community spirit and high level of parental interest in the school’s activities.